ALVAN® Reamer Replaceable Head Style

The replaceable head reamer is ideal for high production applications because it eliminates the need to replace an entire reamer when worn. The replaceable reamer head can also be repaired to new condition which extends the life of the investment. ALVAN Reamers hold tight tolerances while improving the surface finish of the hole. Our expandable option accommodates for cutting edge wear.
  • Tight tolerances (± 0.0002″) capable with expandable head design
  • Quick and easy set-up with fixed head design
  • Multiple diameters within the same arbor reduces inventory requirements
  • Excellent repeatability with the replaceable head connection
  • Coolant configurations for blind and through hole applications
  • Improved runout with modular connection
  • Available with carbide, cermet, PCD or CBN cutting edges
  • H7 tolerance capable on fixed diameter heads
  • Replaceable head design
  • Expands up to 1% on diameter for expandable option
  • Straight or helical flutes for blind or through hole applications
  • Variety of edge geometries designed for multiple materials
  • Modular or cylindrical shank
  • Axial or radial coolant configuration


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