To improve the quality of your large diameter machined parts, the portable Universal Setting Gauge from Bowers has been developed as an easy to use comparator tool which can be set up next to the gauge being utilised.

This Universal Setting Gauge has been designed to improve the ongoing accuracy levels; when setting the master, the spring loaded setting anvil ensures a constant force is maintained thereby giving repeatable setting readings.


The Universal Setting Gauge guide bars offer two adjustable supports for the pillars which are used at the airy points of the setting rod, all designed to reduce the amount of deflection.

Due to its rugged construction the Universal Setting Gauge is ideally suited to the shop floor environment. It has been designed to work primarily in conjunction with the Bowers Universal Gauge and the INTEX Comparator Beam Gauge, although will allow other instruments to be set. The portability of the Universal Setting Gauge ensures that it can be utilised next to the gauge in use, so any deviations in measurements can be reset with the minimum amount of time and error.


  • Available in 3 different lengths:
  • Up to 550mm Internal – 650mm External
  • Up to 1050mm Internal – 1150mm External
  • Up to 1550mm Internal – 1650mm External
  • Setting gauge has flat face contact anvils
  • Ideal for use in the workshop area
  • Easily adjustable gauge mounting supports
  • Requires Length Setting Rods for setting (Spherical ends advised)
  • Length adjustment can also be achieved by fitting an optional digital indicator
  • Can be orientated vertically up to 1050mm internal / 1150 external when a base and vertical guide, (USGS) are fitted
Product CodeDescription
USG550Universal Setting Gauge, 550mm internal to 650mm externalPOA
USG1050Universal Setting Gauge, 1050mm internal 1150mm externalPOA
USG1550Universal Setting Gauge, 1550mm internal 1650mm externalPOA
USGSUniversal Setting Gauge Vertical Stand – Only suitable for USG550 and USG1050POA