Wohlhaupter Versatile Boring Heads VarioBore

The Wohlhaupter™ VarioBore head offers precision and versatility, and the 3ETECH docking port provides convenient and simple diameter adjustments. Turn your vernier VarioBore tools into easy-to-read digital boring tools with the 3ETECH external digital module.
  • Bore multiple hole sizes with a broad range of compatible boring components
  • Ease the stress of working on different day-to-day projects with boring kits
  • 3ETECH module provides a simple digital readout
  • Max spindle speed: 27,500 RPM
  • Diameter range: 0.016″ – 5.984″ (0.40mm – 152.00mm)
  • Offers outside turning capabilities
  • Outside turning diameter range: 0.079″ – 4.488″ (2.00mm – 114.00mm)
  • Boring head is available in analog or digital with the 3ETECH digital readout module
  • Coolant through
  • Adjustment accuracy of 0.0001″ or 0.002mm on diameter
  • WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 15820388


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