S.C.A.M.I.® Roller Burnishing Through Hole

Roller burnishing is a cold-working process which produces a fine surface finish by the planetary rotation of hardened rolls over a bored or turned metal surface. This process provides a more effective method of sizing, finishing, and work-hardening of your parts to exact specifications.

  • Provides versatility because the operation can be performed on any rotating spindle
  • Provides accurate size control with tolerances within 0.0005″ or better (depending on variables such as material)
  • Achieves fine surface finishes between 1-10 µin Ra and increases surface hardness by 5-10%
  • Improves metallurgical properties
  • Replaces grinding, honing, lapping and other expensive secondary options
  • Diameter range: 0.1555″ – 6.5315″ (3.95mm – 165.90mm)
  • All roller burnishing tools are composed of the basic burnisher assembly, including cage, cone, rolls, and shank (either straight or Morse Taper)
  • In some cases, there will be a diameter overlap between a series and the series after it. If the diameter you need falls into this overlap, choose the higher of the two series.
  • For example, you need a 24.64mm diameter tool. This diameter falls into both the K series (16.60mm – 24.74mm) and the L series (24.54mm – 31.16mm). In this scenario, you would choose the L series tool that covers the 24.64mm diameter.


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