AccuThread™ 856 Pin Style

Thread mills drastically reduce the occurrences of scrap when compared to taps, which makes them desirable when manufacturing large and/or costly components. AccuThread™ 856 are a premium thread milling product backed by Allied’s experienced technical staff. AccuThread™ 856 replaceable thread mills provide quality threads when compared to other thread making processes and allow for easy replacement of cutting edges.
  • Provides a 25-50% increase in tool life over the competition
  • Increased strength and rigidity when cutting forces are applied
  • Holders are engineered to dampen vibration
  • Reduces tooling inventory cost
  • No resharpening required
  • The pin-style connection improves repeatability when changing inserts
  • Allied’s proprietary AM210® coating
  • Stainless steel holders
  • Wide range of forms and pitches
  • Imperial and metric shanks
  • Offered in neutral and positive rake geometries
  • Online programming


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