Diamond burnishing tools are a special variety of burnishing tools used to finish heat treated jobs with hardness upto 65HRc. In diamond burnishing process the job material is cut and not rolled. The depth of cut will be in the order of few microns only. Hence the change in the diameter is negligible. Lower surface finish is achieved in the hardened and ground jobs. These tools can also be used in ferrous and non-ferrous material in soft stage. Both external diameter and internal diameter can be burnished with diamond burnishing tools.

Three variants are available in the tool : 

  • Standard OD Diamond Burnishing Tool.
  • Indexable Type Diamond Burnishing Tool
  • Diamond Burnishing Tool for Internal Diameters.

Processing Sketch

Technical Specification

Burnishing Diameter RangeThe minimum recommended outer diameter is 20mm and above. Though there is no limitation on maximum outer diameter.
With special shank design internal diameters can also be burnished with diamond burnishing tools. The recommended minimum internal diameter is 40mm and above.
Burnishing LengthThere is no limitation on the burnishing length on Outer Diameter.
ShankSquare Shanks are provided in the standard tools. Also, different shank options are provided for mounting in CNC Lathes and Conventional lathes.
Job MaterialThe diamond burnishing tools are recommended for heat treated hardened jobs upto 65HRc. Materials with natural hardness without heat treatment can also be burnished.
Machine UsedDiamond Burnishing Tools can be used in CNC Turning centers and in Conventional Lathes.


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