Intelligence Rotation System Intelligence Rotation System

The intelligent screwing system is suitable for the management of materials of different sizes and types. If you need to store, retrieve and return a wide variety of materials, it will be your ideal choice. The system can store up to 540 individual materials, so that single product management can also obtain excellent space utilization. During the reclaiming process, the stored materials rotate smoothly with the storage location and can be taken out at the designated reclaiming door. There is no need to worry even if there is no packaging or fragile items. The intelligent screwing system is original in Europe and adopts pure industrial design. Its high reliability and safety are worthy of praise.

Measured indexBefore using SmartBayAfter using SmartBay
Picking time5 minutes15 seconds
Peak waiting time30 minutes1 minute
Error rate5-20%0
Shortage rate5-20%0
Inventory status query3-5 minutes30 seconds
Report submission1-2 working days2 minutes
inventoryDown 5-25%
consumptionDown 5-15%
Sluggish goods monitoringCan not controlControllable
Product cost allocationNot clearaccurate
Warehouse material managementEasy backlogrationalization
    *Based on the average user effect  
Basic Information
total measurement1250X1150X2050mm (including feet)
colour Red, blue and gray (customizable)
screen9.7-inch HD touch screen
Manageable varieties and quantities
materialMeasuring tools, PPE, components, office supplies
Most varieties540 types
greatest amount540


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