HBD-350 / 350T

Forming Size:325mm×325mm×400mm
Laser Power:500W / 500W×2
Layer Thickness:30μm-100μm
Scanning Track Width:70μm-200μm
Scanning Speed:≤10000mm/s
Oxygen Content:≤100PPM
Protective Atmosphere:Integral sealed, automatic monitoring of oxygen content, recycling cleaning and collection coefficient ≥ 99%
Relative Density:Nearly 100%
Typical Accuracy:0.05-0.2mm
Metal Power:Stainless steel, Cobalt-chrome alloy, Tool steel, Titanium alloy, High temperature alloy, Aluminum alloy, Hastelloy, and some refractory metals like Tungsten and Tantalum
Software Package:Full opening within hardware allowed
Processing Parameter Package:Equipped and customizable


As high-efficiency and high-quality printing equipment, with mainstream forming size, HBD-350 series are compatible with single/dual laser configuration, efficient and stable powder supply and recoating system, closed automatic powder circulation system, and independent long-term multi-stage purification system. With these configurations, HBD-350 series could meet high efficiency, intensity, quality, continuous production requirements, and it is suitable for mold, aerospace, medical equipment, auto parts manufacturing and other fields.


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