Here’s 3 reasons TVM20 and TVM35 video measurement systems turbo-charge your measurement routines

1. The more you see, the faster you can measure

See more of your component with the TVM’s large field of view (FOV), allowing you to measure multiple features in moments. Excellent depth of field further enhances your view.

In instances where parts are larger than the FOV, there is the option of a motorised (CNC) measuring stage.

2. Get up to speed fast

TVM Series is simple to use.  Novice operators can undertake simple measurement routines within hours.

Produce fast and accurate measurements with ‘place and measure’ functionality or create overlays with industry standard M3 software for easy ‘Go/No Go’ results.

3. There where you need it most

Locate TVM measurement systems exactly where you need them to be – on the shop floor.

TVM Series has a small footprint, taking up very little space on your workbench.  Just as importantly, it is tough enough to withstand the rigours of the shop floor environment.



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