Indexable carbide center drills. Pilot diameter Ø1mm ~ Ø10mm (0.039″ ~ 0.394″). DIN 332 A, A+B, R forms and ANSI 60°.
• The “i-Center” is a trademark of Nine9, the developer of the first indexable center drill in the world.(Patented)
• Excellent repeatability! 0.02mm (0.0008″) in radial direction, 0.05mm (0.002″) axial positional accuracy.
• High pressure coolant can be supplied through center directly to tip of center drill insert.
• 4 forms are available. DIN 332 form R, DIN 332 form A+B , DIN 332 form A and ANSI 60°.
• No need tool length re-setting while tool changeovers, no-sharpening, save lot time!
>> More information of indexable center drill apply for ER clamping structure, ex: BT30, driven tools, tapping and turning center.

• High Speed, High Feed rate!
   ex: Drilling alloy steel at 6000 rpm, feed rate 600 mm/min (24 inch/min.), 0.1mm/rev (0.004 inch/rev.).
 Remarkable tool life & performance!
   With coolant supplied directly through holder to cutting edge, the insert geometry, grade, and coating all develop specifically.
• Suitable for various centering applications
   shafts of engine, transmission gear, bearings, motors, grinding parts, spindles, gear reducers, cooling fan, universal joints…


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