Internal Diameter Burnishing Tools

The Internal Diameter Burnishing Tools are available for burnishing a) Through Bores & b) Step Bores. Different tool designs are available based on application diameter and length. The short series tools (SH-Series) are used for limited burnishing lengths and the Long series tools (LG Series) are used for extra long burnishing lengths. The universal series (UNL Series) is used for burnishing larger bore diameters.

Processing Sketch

Technical Specification

Internal Diameter RangeThe minimum internal diameter burnishing range start from 5mm and above
Burnishing LengthStandard burnishing length are available to suit the regular applications.
Internal Diameter AdjustementThe diameter of the roller burnishing tool can be adjusted to a limited range for the purpose of setting the diameter initially.
ShankTool holding shanks are available in Morse Taper (MT), Straight/Round , BT or any other as per the request
Job MaterialsAny ferrous or Non ferrous item can be burnished.
Machine UsedInternal Roller burnishing tools can be filterd for use in any spindle driven machine

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