Opticline C. Compact and robust systems for long-term gauge repeatability and reproducibility

Opticline C series shaft measuring systems offer maximum gauge repeatability and reproducibility from 1 μm. With different configurations, such as a high-precision C-axis or multi-sensor system, the performance capability can be customized to suit your requirements. The instruments thus offer the highest level of flexibility, accuracy and stability.

System features              

  • Optimum precision properties in μm delivering measurements within seconds
  • An individual camera offers bidirectional measurement for workpiece diameters of up to 80 mm
  • Scaling of the optical system for measuring diameters of up to 140 mm without loss of resolution or quality
  • Special tailstock and headstock design for rapid workpiece changes and maximum precision
  • Simple and automatic workpiece alignment
  • Real-time processing and fastest possible data transfer
  • Self-monitoring functions for reliable use in production
  • Low-maintenance, robust measuring system including camera with IP52 protection

Product variants and options

  • Tactile probing system T3D or TSP for measuring additional lengths and form test characteristics
  • High-precision headstock for higher form gauge repeatability and reproducibility and improved rotational measurements
  • Integrated measuring and evaluation computer
  • Roller shutter to protect against negative environmental influences
  • Pneumatic clamping solutions for greater flexibility and workpiece variety
  • Table racks for practical loading at working height and additional storage space


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