Makro•Grip® & Conventional Workholding

From raw material to finished product – A fitting solution for all challenging clamping tasks

Unbeatable in 5-sided manufacturing. With its compact build, the 5-Axis Vice has ideal workpiece accessibility. In addition, this clamping package is completed with (multiple) clamping systems for profile and round parts (Avanti, Profile Clamping Vice, Ino-Grip chuck), along with the Vario Precision Vice for the machining of the 6th side.

At a glance:

  • Best accessibility for 5-face-machining
  • Exceptional holding power with lowest clamping forces due to the patented stamping technology
  • High repeat accuracy for inserting workpieces without any endstops
  •  Easy and flexible handling due to lightweight vices
  • Integrated zero-point interface


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