Makro•Grip® - "The Original"

The original form-closure technology providing highest holding power for 5-face machining worldwide

The Stamping Technology, also called pre-stamping, is a technology specifically developed by LANG where the workpiece is stamped outside of the machine tool with up to 20 tons of pressure, before being clamped in the Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vice. Clamping scenarios that require high holding power, but where the danger of workpiece deformation exists, can be mastered with the stamping process. For 5-sided machining, where optimal accessibility has to be achieved, stamping technology in connection with the Makro-Grip 5-Axis Vice is almost predestined and the very best the market has to offer.

Stamping units are available for work benches and on a trolley.
There are two different sizes (clamping ranges of up to 245 mm and 355 mm) and two different stamping jaw types:

1. Standard stamping jaws for material up to 35 HRC
2. High-End stamping jaws for material up to 45 HRC

At a glance:
  • Benchmark in 5-axis machining for the last 15 years
  • External stamping of workpieces with up to 20t  pressure
  • Stamping of materials up to 45 HRC
  • Minimal preparatory work required
  • Tremendous material savings due to minimal clamping edge requirements


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