Mobile Dual Stamping Unit

The mobile dual stamping unit is perfectly fitted for stamping workpieces with excess width and clamping them in 2 centring vices subsequently. The steel sub-plate features marking bores (distance 25mm) in order to individually adjust the distance between both stamping vices. The marking bores are set according to the pitch of the Quick-Point grid plates and the Makro-Grip multiple clamping vice.

Scope of delivery:

– 2 stamping vices
– Stamping jaws with 3mm parallels
– Steel plate 596 x 496 mm
– Handy and rugged trolley
– Pneumatic-hydraulic power multiplier (1-360 bar)
– Pneumatic switch for operation by hand of foot
– Gauging blocks to measure wear of stamping jaws
– Scaled workpiece endstop
– 2 protection shields


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