NX-5070 เอ็นมิลรุ่นอัพเกรด คุณภาพจาก YG-1


1. Application
– High hardened steels, HRc 50 to HRc 70

2. Features
– Optimized for machining high hardened steels (HRc 50~HRc 70) in dry cutting
– Very accurate high precision machining
– High feed radius end mills has longer flute length to increase number of regrinding
– Excellent work-piece finishes, high precision machining
– Silent cutting & longer tool life due to multiple helix flute
– Shank tolerance h6 useful for fitting into shrink tool holders
– Used for high speed machining only

credit : www.yg1.kr

EDP No.Spec.Description
SGNF010030.3X4X0.6X40NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF010040.4X4X0.8X40NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF010060.6X4X1.2X40NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF010101X6X2.5X50NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF010121.2X6X3X50NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF010303X6X8X60NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF010404X6X8X70NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF010400504X6X6X50NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF010505X6X10X80NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF010606X6X12X90NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF010600506X6X9X50NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF010600606X6X12X60NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF010808X8X14X100NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF010800508X8X12X50NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF0110010X10X18X100NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF0110007510X10X18X75NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF0112012X12X22X110NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF0112008012X12X22X80NX5070 2FL B E/M
SGNF020010100.1X4X0.1(1)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF020020060.2X4X0.2(0.6)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02002010.2X4X0.2(1)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF020020150.2X4X0.2(1.5)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02003030.3X4X0.3(3)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02004010.4X4X0.4(1)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02004020.4X4X0.4(2)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02004030.4X4X0.4(3)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02004040.4X4X0.4(4)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02006020.6X4X0.6(2)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02006030.6X4X0.6(3)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02006040.6X4X0.6(4)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02006050.6X4X0.6(5)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02006060.6X4X0.6(6)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02006080.6X4X0.6(8)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02006100.6X4X0.6(10)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02008020.8X4X0.8(2)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02008030.8X4X0.8(3)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02008040.8X4X0.8(4)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02008060.8X4X0.8(6)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02008120.8X4X0.8(12)X40NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02010031X4X1(3)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02010041X4X1(4)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02010061X4X1(6)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02010081X4X1(8)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02010101X4X1(10)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02010121X4X1(12)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02010141X4X1(14)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02010201X4X1(20)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02012061.2X4X1.2(6)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02012101.2X4X1.2(10)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02012121.2X4X1.2(12)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02015041.5X4X1.5(4)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02015061.5X4X1.5(6)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02015081.5X4X1.5(8)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02015101.5X4X1.5(10)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02015121.5X4X1.5(12)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02015141.5X4X1.5(14)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02015161.5X4X1.5(16)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02020062X4X3(6)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02020082X4X3(8)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02020102X4X3(10)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02020122X4X3(12)X45NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02020162X4X3(16)X50NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02020202X4X3(20)X50NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02020262X4X3(26)X60NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02030083X6X4(8)X55NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02030103X6X4(10)X55NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02030123X6X4(12)X55NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02030163X6X4(16)X55NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02030203X6X4(20)X60NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02040104X6X5(10)X55NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02040124X6X5(12)X55NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02040164X6X5(16)X55NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02040204X6X5(20)X60NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02040264X6X5(26)X60NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02040354X6X5(35)X75NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02060306X6X8(30)X60NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02080158X8X10(15)X70NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF02080208X8X10(20)X80NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF021002510X10X12(25)X75NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF021003510X10X12(35)X100NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF021202512X12X14(25)X80NX5070 2FL RIB B E/M
SGNF04005005030.5(R0.05)X4X0.7(3)X40NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB CR E/M
SGNF0402002102(R0.2)X4X3(10)X45NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB CR E/M
SGNF05030033(R0.3)X6X8X60NX5070 4FL MPH CR E/M
SGNF05030053(R0.5)X6X8X60NX5070 4FL MPH CR E/M
SGNF05060026(R0.2)X6X15X90NX5070 4FL MPH CR E/M
SGNF05060056(R0.5)X6X15X90NX5070 4FL MPH CR E/M
SGNF05060106(R1)X6X15X90NX5070 4FL MPH CR E/M
SGNF05080108(R1)X8X20X100NX5070 4FL MPH CR E/M
SGNF051000510(R0.5)X10X25X100NX5070 4FL MPH CR E/M
SGNF051001010(R1)X10X25X100NX5070 4FL MPH CR E/M
SGNF051201012(R1)X12X30X110NX5070 4FL MPH CR E/M
SGNF0604005124(R0.5)X6X6(12)X55NX5070 4FL MPH RIB CR E/M
SGNF0604005204(R0.5)X6X6(20)X60NX5070 4FL MPH RIB CR E/M
SGNF06080058(R0.5)X8X12(22)X70NX5070 4FL MPH RIB CR E/M
SGNF06080108(R1)X8X12(22)X70NX5070 4FL MPH RIB CR E/M
SGNF061000510(R0.5)X10X15(25)X75NX5070 4FL MPH RIB CR E/M
SGNF061001010(R1)X10X15(25)X75NX5070 4FL MPH RIB CR E/M
SGNF061002010(R2)X10X15(25)X75NX5070 4FL MPH RIB CR E/M
SGNF061200512(R0.5)X12X18(30)X80NX5070 4FL MPH RIB CR E/M
SGNF061201012(R1)X12X18(30)X80NX5070 4FL MPH RIB CR E/M
SGNF061202012(R2)X12X18(30)X80NX5070 4FL MPH RIB CR E/M
SGNF08004020.4X4X0.6(2)X40NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08005020.5X4X0.7(2)X40NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08006030.6X4X0.9(3)X40NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08006060.6X4X0.9(6)X40NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08006080.6X4X0.9(8)X40NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08006100.6X4X0.9(10)X40NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08008040.8X4X1.2(4)X40NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08008060.8X4X1.2(6)X40NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08008080.8X4X1.2(8)X40NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08008100.8X4X1.2(10)X40NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08010041X4X1.5(4)X45NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08010061X4X1.5(6)X45NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08010081X4X1.5(8)X45NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08010101X4X1.5(10)X45NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08010121X4X1.5(12)X45NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08010161X4X1.5(16)X45NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08010201X4X1.5(20)X55NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08015081.5X4X2.3(8)X45NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08015101.5X4X2.3(10)X45NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08015121.5X4X2.3(12)X45NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08020082X4X3(8)X45NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08020102X4X3(10)X45NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08020122X4X3(12)X45NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08030103X6X4.5(10)X55NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08030203X6X4.5(20)X60NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF08030303X6X4.5(30)X70NX5070 2FL 35˚ RIB E/M
SGNF090202X6X6X50NX5070 4FL 45˚ E/M
SGNF090303X6X8X60NX5070 4FL MPH E/M
SGNF090404X6X10X60NX5070 4FL MPH E/M
SGNF090505X6X13X60NX5070 4FL MPH E/M
SGNF090606X6X15X60NX5070 4FL MPH E/M
SGNF090808X8X20X65NX5070 4FL MPH E/M
SGNF0910010X10X25X70NX5070 4FL MPH E/M
SGNF0912012X12X30X80NX5070 4FL MPH E/M
SGNF11060306X6X9(30)X100NX5070 4FL MPH RIB E/M


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