PTSC & Renishaw in Thai Metalex 2011 Exhibition

We will be highlighting a range of process control solutions that help tackle the increasing drive to lean manufacturing, from new technologies for pre-process machine calibration, to on-line and off-line post-process measurement. Innovative, new technology gauging products, a new range of calibration devices and cutting edge machine tool solutions will also be on show.

The Productive Process Pyramid™ shows how layers of control can build upon one another to systematically remove variation from the machining process, increasing throughput, maximising conformance and eliminating human error. Explore the four layers to unlock the key to predictable, productive manufacturing.

  • The process foundation layer is about preventative controls that reduce the number of sources of variation before machining starts.
  • The process setting layer is about predictive controls that are applied just before cutting starts.
  • The in-process control layer concerns active controls that are applied during metal cutting.
  • The post-process monitoring layer concerns informative controls would be applied after machining is complete.

The new TRS2 is a cost-effective broken tool detection system. Its ToolWise™ electronics have been enhanced to make detection of small, dark tools more reliable, saving time and money.

The unique tool recognition electronics determine whether a tool is present by analysing the reflective light pattern from the rotating tool.

The XR20-W addresses the need for quick and easy testing on a wide range of machines and axis types. It does this by keeping all the features that have made RX10 a success but adding much simpler set up and operation.

  • Automated calibration
  • High accuracy and repeatability
  • Use of Renishaw laser system
  • Wireless operation
  • Flexible mounting system
  • New data collection software



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