SmartBay Easy Drawer desktop drawer cabinet

SmartBay Easy desktop drawer cabinet is a good helper for the management of single items such as drill bits, taps, small measuring tools, consumables and small parts in the workshop! The picking process is simple and fast. The cabinet can be used alone or in parallel. It can also be used on top of each other.

Measured indexBefore using SmartBayAfter using SmartBay
Picking time5 minutes30 seconds
Peak waiting time30 minutes3 minutes
Error rate5-20%0
Shortage rate5-20%0
Inventory status query3-5 minutes30 seconds
Report submission1-2 working days2 minutes
inventoryDown 5-25%
consumptionDown 5-15%
Sluggish goods monitoringCan not controlControllable
Product cost allocationNot clearaccurate
Warehouse material managementEasy backlogrationalization
    *Based on the average user effect  
Basic Information
total measurement890X450X720mm (stackable)
colour Red, blue and gray (customizable)
screen21.5 inch HD touch screen 
Manageable varieties and quantities
materialCutting cutters, drills, measuring tools, consumables, tools, small parts
Variety16/36/42/63/99 types


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