SmartBay Tool Shank System

SmartBay Tool Shank System intelligent handle cabinet

With the increasing demand for management of tool sets, spindle tool holders and machine tool probes, SmartBay Motion intelligent tool holder cabinets came into being. The compact shape and intelligent access mode enable high-value and high-precision tool holders to be placed on the workshop site, safely stored, easily inquired, quickly used and returned, and easy to trace.

Measured index Before using SmartBay After using SmartBay
Picking time3-10 minutes30 seconds
Wrong rate2-5%0
Utilization Increase by 15-30%
Purchase quantity Down 5-15%
Tool status query5-30 minutes30 seconds
Tool data querySpecial personnel are responsible or print stickers on the knifeEmployees can query directly on the screen
Report submission1-2 working days2 minutes
Transparent managementdifficulteasy


  *Based on the average user effect


Basic Information

total measurement810X970X1900mm (including feet)
colour Red, blue and gray (customizable)

Manageable varieties and quantities

materialTool set, CNC tool holder, machine tool probe
Variety64-128 types


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