END-TO-END PROCESS METROLOGY DATA CAPTURE is invaluable for improvement of manufacturing processes. It allows to predict, identify process errors before they happen V. Eng

Accurate quality control process the heart of creating a competitive advantage in the IIoT

End-to-end process metrology data capture is invaluable for the   insight,   analysis,   and   improvement   of   manufacturing processes. It allows manufacturers to predict, identify and correct process errors before they happen. Digitalization of end-to-end manufacturing processes increases operational efficiency, reduces reliance on skills, improves ease of use and enhances decision making for process improvements.

Our Renishaw products play an important role in a wide range of industries including Manufacture of aircraft, automobiles, motorcycles, household electronic equipment and many other industrial products And these products are trusted. Used by major manufacturers both in Thailand and other countries around the world

Equator gauging system reduces the time to measure and confirm the workpiece when leaving the machine in the shop Renishaw Equator Floor Immediately 

Renishaw Equator is a gauging system that reduces the time to measure and confirm the workpiece when leaving the machine in the shop floor immediately without having to wait for the queue to measure the work in the CMM machine in the QC room. The software can intergrade with the robot and CNC machines in the automation work. The measured value can be linked back to the report to

In the event that the customer has many models, the software of the Renishaw Equator can create each program stored in the database and change only the Stylus and Clamping Fixture that is a modular system. Making it save money without having to change the whole fixtures when changing a new model.

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“PTSC We have technical engineers who can install whether you buy
directly from Renishaw or through various distribution channels. We
have highly skilled engineers in Thailand and abroad such as Japan,
Singapore, and Hong Kong that are ready to support all aspects of
system installation and commissioning.
In terms of preventive maintenance, we offers different levels of
preventive maintenance plans. whether sold as a one-time purchase or
covered as part of a support agreement Our protection plans can include
partial or complete overhaul of Renishaw products at specified intervals.
which fits your own maintenance schedule” Mr. Rungsimun concluded
to confirm the readiness to give to reader


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