Ergo ER Taper-shank Indexable Cutters

 Ergo is a new trademark of Nine9 for ER type indexable cutter. The cutter is assembly kit by the 3 parts including Ergo nut, high strength Ergo pin and Integrated ER taper. Patented design mechanism to produce high clamping Forces and high runout accurancy. Perfectly suitable for driven tools and spindles with ER interface of CNC turning centers and swiss type automatic lathes such as Star, Citizen, Tsugami, Doosan, Tornos, INDEX, EMAG and so on. The Ergo provides types ER11, ER16, ER20, ER25 taper-shank cutter. The ergo tooling include milling cutter, spot drill, chamfering tool, corner rounding, engraving tool, deburring tool, center drill and boring tool.

An integrated ER taper- shank cutter, eliminate assembly tolerance.
A clamping force from the 3 parts including Ergo nut, high strength pin and ER taper when Ergo nut drives the pin to Ergo holder into ER taper.


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