NC Spot Drill

60° ~ 145° spotting angle with indexable carbide insert. Dia 1mm to 32mm (0.039″ ~ 1.260″). Multi-funcational tools for spotting, chamfering and grooving.

• Time saving
   Have an indexable carbide inserts providing efficiency benefits. 
   Tool length is fixed while change insert or corner. No pre-setting time.
• Long tool life
    Special geometry and coated carbide insert. It runs in high speed and feed rate. It creates accurate center hole.
• Cost saving
   Cost savings for CNC lathes, CNC turning centres and machining centres.
   Spotting, chamfering, grooving, engraving, facing by one tool.
   Each insert has 2 or 4 cutting edge.

>> More information of spot drill apply for ER clamping structure, ex: BT30, driven tools, tapping and turning center.


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