Primo™ Radio Part Setter

What is the Primo™ Radio Part Setter?

The Primo Radio Part Setter is a touch-trigger probe used for automated workpiece setting. It establishes the exact location of a workpiece so that the machining program can be aligned with it.

There are a number of benefits to using the Primo Radio Part Setter:

  • Part-setting time is reduced by up to 90% compared to manual methods.
  • Work offsets are automatically updated.
  • Manual errors and variation in part setting are removed.
  • Scrap and rework of materials is reduced.
  • Fixture costs are reduced.

These benefits will save you money and gain you more part-making time on your machine.

How the Primo Radio Part Setter works

The part setter is mounted in the machine spindle and is moved under machine control during the measuring cycle. When the part setter’s stylus touches the workpiece, a precise trigger signal is generated. This is sent, via radio transmission, to the machine’s controller which records the position of the workpiece.

Features and benefits

  • Repeatability of 1 μm 2σ to ensure results are the same every time a part is set.
  • Robust and reliable in harsh machine tool conditions.
  • Secure frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) radio transmission to maintain a reliable connection.


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