SmartBay Dalis Gauge System Vertical Measuring Cabinet

SmartBay Dalis vertical measuring tool cabinet with high load-bearing capacity is  suitable for single product management of various measuring tools, inspection tools or other important materials on the workshop site. The use status of measuring tools and inspection tools is displayed in real time, and the inspection, maintenance and appraisal time is automatically pre-warned. During the inspection, maintenance and appraisal process, it is controlled not to be used, and the resources of the measuring tools can be shared to reduce inventory and purchase.

Measured index Before using SmartBay After using SmartBay
Picking time5 minutes30 seconds
Peak waiting time30 minutes3 minutes
Error rate5-20%0
Shortage rate5-20%0
Inventory status query3-5 minutes30 seconds
Report submission1-2 working days2 minutes
inventoryDown 5-25%
consumptionDown 5-15%
Sluggish goods monitoringCan not controlControllable
Product cost allocationNot clearaccurate
Warehouse material managementEasy backlogrationalization


*Based on the average user effect 



Basic Information

total measurement940X755X1500mm (including cover)
colour Red, blue and gray (customizable)
screen21.5 inch HD touch screen 

Manageable varieties and quantities

materialMeasuring tools, inspection tools, knife handles, tool accessories
Most varieties≤80 kinds
greatest amount≤80



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