SmartBay Locker independent multi-door cabinet

SmartBay Locker multi-door cabinets are mainly designed for large-volume materials such as tools, labor protection supplies, and mold parts. The cabinet has a variety of different standard storage units and the storage units can be used together to adapt to the placement requirements of different sizes or weights, so that employees can quickly get the materials needed for work in the workshop. The requisition and recycling of materials is not only carried out according to the authority, but also has real-time records and clear statistical analysis; the reasonable sharing of material resources also reduces the inventory and purchases for the company.

Measured index Before using SmartBay After using SmartBay
Picking time5 minutes10 seconds
Peak waiting time30 minutes1 minute
Error rate5-20%0
Shortage rate5-20%0
Inventory status query3-5 minutes30 seconds
Report submission1-2 working days2 minutes
Material purchase quantity5-25% reduction
Material utilizationIncrease by 5-15%
Sluggish goods monitoringCan not controlControllable
Material usage statusNot clearaccurate
Material storage and distributionManual distribution, multiple inventorySave labor, self-service picking


*Based on the average user effect 



Basic Information

total measurementHeight within 1900mm (including chassis), width within 1500mm, thickness above 500mm
weightcustom made
colour Red, blue and gray (customizable)
screen21.5 inch HD touch screen 

Manageable varieties and quantities

materialTools, large measuring tools, labor protection supplies, mold accessories
Most varieties48 types
greatest amount48



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